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Top Tips for Selling Your Designer Handbag

Vowed to clean your closet? You’ll probably need to throw out some things, but please not your handbags – resale options are too many to ignore. After a few hours of organizing your stuff and taking photos, you could have enough in the coffers to buy some new bags.

Before reselling your handbags online, consider the following tips:

Research pricing.

One of the first things you need to do when reselling your handbags online is to determine their prices. Go online and know the prices of similar items being sold. For example, you can check the completed sales archives of sites like eBay or Amazon. Of course, you have to look into other things as well, such as how well-conditioned the item is. Whatever the bag’s price was when you purchased it, be realistic and always set your price from your potential buyer’s position.

In addition, remember to consider resale fees (unless you have a direct buyer). These could be anywhere from a tiny commission off of your selling price to up to 50% of your total sale, so always read up before committing. Of course, you’ll want to maximize your potential return or at least avoid unpleasant surprises.

Take decent photographs.

To attract the most attention from prospective buyers, take high-quality pictures of your handbags. You can use your cell phone as long as it has a good camera. Take pictures with natural lighting to get the best outcome. Look for that perfect spot in your yard and snap snap snap!

Know what buyers will be looking for. Each big brand comes with indicators of authenticity, such as handle attachments, markings, stitching, and so on. Designer handbag buyers are often veterans, so they know just what to look for in every piece they’re considering. Once they’re sure you’ve got the real deal, they won’t mind paying extra.

Careful with direct individual buyers.

If you’re selling to an individual, be a little more observant and discerning. If they want you to proceed with the transaction off the platform or they’re insisting on a relatively unheard-of payment processor, be wary. While these concerns often affect buyers, you have to be vigilant yourself as a seller.

Be reasonable.

Finally, if you want someone to do something favorable to you, try to predict what they would need in order to feel comfortable doing it. Have a heart for people who are set to give you money! Give them clear pictures, respond to their communications in a timely and respectful manner, and ship when you say you will. Begin with those three, and you have a greater chance of keeping the customer for a future sell.

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